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On saleChocolate Box - Custom Truffle BoxChocolate Box - Custom Truffle Box
Berkeley Bar Vegan ChocolatesBerkeley Bar Vegan Chocolates
Salted Caramel Vegan Chocolate BarsSalted Caramel Vegan Chocolate Bars
Almond Butter Vegan Chocolate BarAlmond Butter Vegan Chocolate Bar
Hazelnut Cream Vegan Chocolate BarsHazelnut Cream Vegan Chocolate Bars
Cashew Vegan Caramel Chocolate BarCashew Vegan Caramel Chocolate Bar
Sea Salt & Almond Vegan Chocolate 81%Sea Salt & Almond Vegan Chocolate 81%
Superberry Vegan Chocolate BarsSuperberry Vegan Chocolate Bars
Almond Butter Vegan Chocolate BarsAlmond Butter Vegan Chocolate Bars
Cacao Fruit & Dark Vegan ChocolateCacao Fruit & Dark Vegan Chocolate
Vegan Dark Chocolate 81%Vegan Dark Chocolate 81%
Vegan Dark Chocolate 81% Sale priceFrom $6.50
After Dark Fudge Vegan Chocolate BarAfter Dark Fudge Vegan Chocolate Bar
On saleMint Fudge Vegan Chocolate BarMint Fudge Vegan Chocolate Bar
Mint Fudge Vegan Chocolate Bar Sale priceFrom $6.25 Regular price$8.95
On saleVegan Chocolate Bunny - 81% (Organic)Vegan Chocolate Bunny - 81% (Organic)
Vegan Chocolate Bunny - 81% (Organic) Sale priceFrom $3.25 Regular price$6.50
Extra Dark Drinking Chocolate - 80%Extra Dark Drinking Chocolate - 80%
Love Potion Drinking Chocolate - 69%Love Potion Drinking Chocolate - 69%
Unsweetened Dark Sugar Free Chocolate 99%Unsweetened Dark Sugar Free Chocolate 99%
Spicy Dark Drinking Chocolate - 70%Spicy Dark Drinking Chocolate - 70%
Rich Dark Drinking Chocolate - 60%Rich Dark Drinking Chocolate - 60%
Golden Dark Drinking Chocolate - 65%Golden Dark Drinking Chocolate - 65%
On saleMint Dark Drinking Chocolate - 60%Mint Dark Drinking Chocolate - 60%
Mint Dark Drinking Chocolate - 60% Sale priceFrom $11.95 Regular price$13.95
Pure Dark Sugar Free Drinking Chocolate - 100%Pure Dark Sugar Free Drinking Chocolate - 100%
Save 10%Filled Chocolate Bar Flight (4 Bars)Filled Chocolate Bar Flight (4 Bars)
Filled Chocolate Bar Flight (4 Bars) Sale price$32.20 Regular price$35.80
On saleDark Mocha Drinking Chocolate - 65%Dark Mocha Drinking Chocolate - 65%
Dark Mocha Drinking Chocolate - 65% Sale priceFrom $11.95 Regular price$13.95
On saleChaga Mushroom Drinking Chocolate - 50% DarkChaga Mushroom Drinking Chocolate - 50% Dark
Chaga Mushroom Drinking Chocolate - 50% Dark Sale priceFrom $12.50 Regular price$14.50
Save 50%Salted Caramel EggSalted Caramel Egg
Salted Caramel Egg Sale price$2.00 Regular price$4.00
Quinoa Crunch Sugar Free Milk ChocolateQuinoa Crunch Sugar Free Milk Chocolate
Dark Raspberry Vegan ChocolateDark Raspberry Vegan Chocolate
Save 50%Superberry EggSuperberry Egg
Superberry Egg Sale price$2.00 Regular price$4.00
6 Piece Truffle Collection6 Piece Truffle Collection
20 Piece Truffle Collection20 Piece Truffle Collection
On saleSugar Free Chocolate with Coconut MilkSugar Free Chocolate with Coconut Milk
Sugar Free Chocolate with Coconut Milk Sale priceFrom $4.50 Regular price$6.50
Save 11%Filled Chocolate Bar Sampler (Pack of 12)Filled Chocolate Bar Sampler (Pack of 12)
Filled Chocolate Bar Sampler (Pack of 12) Sale price$96.00 Regular price$107.40
25 Piece Truffle Collection25 Piece Truffle Collection
Save 10%Candy Bar Sampler (Pack of 12)
Candy Bar Sampler (Pack of 12) Sale price$70.20 Regular price$78.00
Save 10%Vegan Chocolate Sampler Pack (11 items)
Vegan Chocolate Sampler Pack (11 items) Sale price$64.50 Regular price$71.50
Pair of Handmade Ceramic Cups
Embark on a journey with Cacao Powder, the pristine origin of all chocolate delights. Celebrated for its robust flavor and nutritional density, it's an essential for raw foodists and chefs alike. 100% Cacao - Bulk
100% Cacao - Bulk Sale priceFrom $13.99
Our organic cacao powder is sustainably sourced and eco-friendly. Support ethical farming while enjoying the rich taste of pure cacao in your dishes.Organic Cacao Powder - Bulk
Premium Coconut Milk Powder - Your Dairy-Free AlternativeCoconut Milk Powder - Bulk
Coconut Milk Powder - Bulk Sale priceFrom $13.39
Berkeley Bite Truffle Box (8pc)Berkeley Bite Truffle Box (8pc)
Organic Cacao Butter - BulkOrganic Cacao Butter - Bulk
Organic Cacao Butter - Bulk Sale priceFrom $17.99
Lemon Caramel CupsLemon Caramel Cups
Lemon Caramel Cups Sale priceFrom $10.80
On saleCacao Nibs - BulkCacao Nibs - Bulk
Cacao Nibs - Bulk Sale priceFrom $11.75 Regular price$13.05
Tote Bag
Tote Bag Sale price$20.00
Tangerine Fudge TrufflesTangerine Fudge Truffles
Tangerine Fudge Truffles Sale priceFrom $21.11
Save 15%Sugar Free Chocolate Bar BundleSugar Free Chocolate Bar Bundle
Sugar Free Chocolate Bar Bundle Sale price$16.58 Regular price$19.50
Salted Caramel CupsSalted Caramel Cups
Salted Caramel Cups Sale priceFrom $13.50