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What Our Customers Say

"I can't thank you enough for your chocolates!! My family is dairy, soy & gluten free and I hadn't had a truffle in YEARS. When we tried these delicious treats, I cried actual tears of joy. They are delicious and I'm so grateful!"

Felicia D. 

"As someone with an allergy that just isn't fond of sugary sweets I believed there would never really be an alternative treat for me. These chocolates are PHENOMENAL. A real dream come true!"


"The absolute best vegan chocolate truffles and bars I've tried. Impeccable ingredients! Everything is organic and utterly delicious! Long Live the Berkeley Bar!"



Vegan Chocolate Treats

USDA Organic Certified Ingredients

We Support Regenerative Farming and Plastic-Free Packaging

Lower Glycemic & Environmentally Friendly Coconut Sugar

All Cocoa Used in Our Chocolate is Fair Trade Certified

100% Vegan & Plant-Based With No Exceptions

All Ingredients Used in Our Treats Are Gluten-Free


This rare, ancient, and flavorful cacao is found in less than 3-5% of the world’s chocolate.



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