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Organic Cacao Butter

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This is Criollo cacao butter, a rare, delicate variety harvested from the lush landscapes of South America and makes up less than 5% of the world's cacao. 


Organic & Fair Trade: Ensuring sustainable farming and fair practices.
Rare Criollo Variety: Represents less than 5% of global cacao.
Vegan, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Dairy-Free: Suitable for a variety of dietary needs.

Made in a facility that processes almonds, cashews, coconut, and other tree nuts. Please be aware if you have nut allergies.

*Photo is for example only. Product may not look as pictured. 

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    Organic Cacao Butter
    Organic Cacao Butter Sale price$17.99

    USDA Organic Certified Ingredients

    All Cocoa Used in Our Chocolate is Fair Trade Certified

    100% Vegan & Plant-Based With No Exceptions

    Lower Glycemic & Environmentally Friendly Coconut Sugar

    All Ingredients Used in Our Treats Are Gluten-Free

    Transparent Sourcing

    CACOCO & Coracao’s cacao is sourced from the central Huallaga Valley in the San Martin region of Peru, a region known for producing some of the worlds finest criollo cacao. We source our Cacao from Acopagro, a cooperative of more than 2,000 small organic cacao producers. In addition to cacao production, Acopagro promotes agroforestry systems and regenerative farming practices to keep replenishing the land. Furthermore, Acopagro manages the conservation of 108,000 acres of forest in the Huallaga region. Our Cacao is organically grown where the air is fresh and the soil is rich. We strive to source from heirloom varieties native to the region, known for superior flavor, aromatics, and contribution to local biodiversity. All of our farming partners are paid Fair Trade wages or above.