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Make CACOCO a Ritual

CACOCO Drinking Chocolate - 11/15/22

Make CACOCO a Ritual


Drinking chocolate can provide a moment to slow down, an opportunity to recharge, and can be an elixer to celebrate with loved ones. Whether you prefer your cacao in the morning, afternoon, or evening, we rest easy knowing you're drinking the purest Fair Trade & Organic Cacao, ethically sourced from South America. 

Three Ways to Enjoy CACOCO

1. Morning Ritual

Looking to take in less caffeine? CACOCO caffeine content ranges from a cup of green tea to that of black tea, depending on the cacao content. And for those of us who need a little more, we recommend you make yourself a cup of Dark Mocha CACOCO, made with stoneground coffee to get the best of both worlds.

2. Afternoon Brain Break

CACOCO Mousse - a healthier option to satisfy your mid-day sugar cravings.
1. Prepare your CACOCO - we like Rich Dark or Extra Dark for this treat.
2. Place in the refrigerator
3. Wait 4-6 hours
4. Top with coconut flakes, nuts, or berries to make it *extra fancy*

3. Night Cap

Pour a shot of mezcal, rum, or your favorite non-alcoholic tonic (we recommend kava!) into a cup of hot CACOCO. Looking for some flavor inspo? We love pairing Spicy Dark + Mezcal or Mint Dark + Rum, or Extra Dark + Mo'i Kava from our friends at Melo Melo Kava.