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To Our Friends,


Coracao & Cacoco are employee-owned companies leading the healthy, sustainable chocolate movement.
Before each choice we make, we ask ourselves a few imperative questions. Is it good for the Earth, the farmer, our team & our customers? Only then, once all those values are upheld to our collective satisfaction, is money considered. This formula has worked for over 10 years.
It is with this spirit that we have navigated the pandemic successfully. It is with this spirit that we now navigate the coming cultural revolution.
Our platform humble, it is vital to acknowledge all that is currently going on in the United States and the world
Coracao has always to lean in, to hear disenfranchised voices, and offer support.
In the past, portions of our sales have been given to the following organizations:
Throughout the year, we also support this organization to ensure that the Ecuadorian rainforest, the cradle of Cacao, is safe guarded.
In Solidarity,
The Coracao & Cacoco Team