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Most people aren't aware that there are an estimated 1.8 million children involved in growing cacao in West Africa, which is where most of the world's cacao comes from. In Côte d'Ivoire (Africa’s Ivory Coast), the 2nd largest exporter of cacao, there are estimates of up to 200,000 children who are victims of slavery & trafficking. Young children who work on cacao farms are much less likely to get an education; they are often injured from using sharp machete's to crack the cacao pods and from hauling heavy bags of cacao.


This is a major problem in the world of chocolate and imparts bitterness in what should be a blissfully sweet experience.  The largest chocolate manufacturers in the world like Hershey’s, Mars & Nestle contribute to this problem by buying massive quantities of cheap cacao beans at rock bottom prices. This forces cacao farmers in poor countries to cut wages & benefits to their workers and unfortunately some resort to using child labor. The end result is a cheap price at the register for the uninformed consumer, but the real price is poverty and bondage for our brothers, sisters & children on the other side of the world.

Ok so you're probably thinking that this really sucks and wondering how you can make sure your chocolate isn't made with child labor. The good news is that you can help put an end to this, here's two things you can do right now.

1)      Stop buying chocolate made with child labor.  Spread the word and inform your friends and family about the real cost of buying cheap chocolate from companies like Hershey’s, Mars & Nestle. Buy fairly traded chocolate and only buy chocolate from companies you trust. If you're not sure, ask companies where their cacao comes from. If it comes from West Africa or Côte d'Ivoire it should be a red flag. If they don't know where it comes from this is also a red flag.   

2)      Be honest with your kids about the problem, the vast majority of cheap candy uses cacao that is grown & harvested by exploited workers & children. When kids are told the truth it empowers them to make better decisions.


Where your Coracao Confections Chocolate comes from...

Coracao Confections sources your chocolate from small farms in Peru & Ecuador that treat their adult farmers fairly and pay them above market prices. The cacao farming conditions overall are much better in South America and the quality of the beans are extraordinary.  The chocolate flavor is deep, dark and delicious. The happy brain chemicals are remarkably potent and you can feel the happiness in every bite.

You as a consumer have the power to vote with your dollars and choose chocolate that is good for you, good for the planet, and good for the farmers who grow it. If you, your friends and family choose to only support companies that source fairly, it would literally help end the problem overnight. That’s why we offer quality chocolate that leaves you feeling radiant & nourished. Quality that gives you the long lasting energy you deserve. Quality that truly satisfies you and puts an end to those pesky sugar cravings. Quality that saves you money in the long run by avoiding unnecessary visits to the doctor & dentist. Quality that makes you feel happy, because you know you're eating real food, prepared and sourced the way it should be- Naturally, with love & care and made with cacao that's grown by adult farmers who are paid fairly.

With love and care from your Chocolatier,

Coracao Confections 

Written by Coracao Confections — November 06, 2013


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