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Most people don’t know this, but all commercial chocolate is tempered. It’s what gives chocolate that glossy shine and crisp snap that we all know and love. Have you ever had a chocolate bar that melted? Then when it hardened it looked fuzzy, striped and had a crumbly texture that didn’t resemble the glorious, smooth, brown bar it used to be. That’s because chocolate re-crystalizes (hardens) at six different stages, but only stage five will give it the smooth gloss & snap. Tempering ensures that the chocolate sets at stage five. It is a process of gently warming & cooling the chocolate to an exact degree.  It takes about three hours and is all done under 115 degrees- Which helps preserve the nutritional value.    

Step One: Once chocolate has been tempered it is hand poured by Cynthia, our head Chocolatier into chocolate bar molds.


Step Two: The excess chocolate is removed and the chocolate is allowed to set, this takes anywhere from 5-20 minutes. 


Step Three: Once the chocolate has set, the molds are flipped over and the bars are ready to be wrapped… Then eaten, of course!


Note: All chocolate absorbs moisture and flavor, so whenever you store chocolate in the fridge put it in an airtight container or bag- Cynthia is following proper protocol and putting the chocolate in an airtight container.


We hope you enjoyed the behind the scenes peak at how a chocolate bar is made.                      

Your Chocolate Makers,

Team Coracao



Written by Coracao Confections — June 11, 2013

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Finally! a healthy Chocolate

Thank you for choosing the best for your body! All of our chocolates are made with the purest ingredients, including raw cacao, which is full of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and those "happy brain" chemicals that we so love. It is our mission to provide you with deliciously decadent and nutrient rich options to common junk food chocolates. We hope you enjoy!

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