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Today I'd love to share one of the most valuable things working with Chocolate has taught me.  This is the first installment of what I'm calling, 'Chocolate Wisdom - The Lessons of Chocolate'.  Over the years of being a Chocolatier, certain foundational principles of how to work with the chocolate have made themselves crystal clear.  As I am doing the chocolate work, I often ponder what some of the deeper, broader meanings are of these 'foundational principles'.  I am constantly blown away by the awesome Life Lessons that I've learned, practiced, and embodied simply by working with chocolate!  


Anyone who has ever worked with chocolate knows one thing for sure- it’s messy!  It has a tendency to want to get all over the place and things can get extremely out of control, very fast.  Taking control over the chocolate is one of the most basic- and most important- aspects of working with it.  Chocolate is kind of like a dog.  Dogs can get pretty out of control unless their master is asserting their authority.  Without a master, the dog will just do what it wants, which generally means it will get into trouble.  But under the proper guidance of a master, a dog can be a completely obedient and helpful companion.  Similarly, if left to its own devices chocolate will just 'do what it wants'.  And believe me, you don't want chocolate to do what it wants, you want it to do what YOU want. And I'm not just talking about chocolate creating a mess here.  This principle applies to nearly every aspect of chocolate work- if I don't consciously take control, things will spiral out of control faster than I can blink!

This is where the attitude of "I am in Control" comes in to play.  Taking that attitude and running with it in all areas of my life has been profound.  Of course (like everything I think) there is a paradox at work here because humans are simultaneously "in control" and "not in control".  But adopting the attitude of "I am in Control" is obviously a more powerful place to stand than "I am Not in Control".   And due to the Law of Attraction, adopting the "I am in Control" attitude actually shows up as, well, being in Control!  It simply comes down to *choosing* to be in control.  Due to our gift of Free Will as humans, we are all blessed with the power of choice at any given moment.  Even when there are circumstances which we have no control over, we still have the power to choose who we will be and how we will act in the face of that circumstance.  We are really never powerless unless we choose so.   

For the last 7 years I've gotten to work with chocolate all the time, and all that practice has made this lesson like second nature.  My attitude going into the kitchen is, "I know what I'm doing, I am in Control."  Building that muscle of being in Control has helped me so much in all areas of my life- areas where I once was not very powerful but now stand firmly in my power and in full control.  What a blessing!  I believe chocolate is a very wise and powerful entity, one that can literally change people’s lives for the better and indeed, the whole planet! 

Anything and everything can be a teacher of super valuable lessons.  I've chosen to be a Chocolatier, and at a certain point I started realizing it wanted to teach me something.  Actually, lots of things!  It’s pretty amazing, and I look forward to sharing more "Chocolate Wisdom" with you soon!

Infinite Love,


Written by Matthew Rogers — June 06, 2013


Viana cuellar:

I LOVE this!!!!! Love it! Great reminder that anything can be your teacher, we choose everything & coracoa chocolates are the BEST!!

June 06 2013 at 11:06 PM

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