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For those who haven’t met him, and for those of you who are lucky enough to get to see him every week, this month we are featuring Sean Nute, our Farmer’s Market Master. Get to know the man that brings you chocolate joy every Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

Not only does Sean trek all of the chocolate goods to the market and offer them for you to enjoy, he does it with love and enthusiasm and his passion for food and good nutrition.  When asked what he loves about working at the markets he said “I don’t feel like a salesman.  Good nutrition combined with good flavor is hard not to get excited about.”  He believes in the quality of the chocolate and loves giving people an opportunity to try it. 

Sean is currently working on a Master’s Degree in Nutrition.  His passion for nutrition is about pushing back against the promotion of unhealthy, processed food options and letting people know that it isn't as hard as the Food Industry would have you believe to eat well and eat real food.  In ‘Our World Eats Culture’, Sean’s very own blog, he talks about food issues and invites you to join him in learning about nutrition and lightening up about food.  In his blog posts, he takes a light-hearted look at something that can often be stressful for many: eating well.  It’s very refreshing, we highly recommend.  Click here to check it out.

Besides blogging and talking about food, Sean pretty much evenly divides his time between being outdoors and in the kitchen.  Outdoors he loves biking everywhere and staying active, including in the gym.  In the kitchen he comes up with and creates AMAZINGLY great food and healthy treats such as these Raw Vegan Cinnabuns

His favorite chocolate changes with the seasons but his “old standbys” are the Raw Fudge Truffle when he’s sad and the Blondie Bar when he’s being bad.  He loves freezing the Blondie Bar and dusting with cinnamon before savoring them!  Yum! 

What WE love about Sean is how trustworthy and reliable he is, all the fun treats he makes (and brings to share with us), how nice he is and how he really cares about the company and you (our customers), all of the great ideas he has, how insightful he is, how passionate he is about food, how he always shows up and how super generous he is (he’s always willing to help and contribute), and that he is just an all around awesome guy.  

Written by Coracao Confections — May 06, 2013



Sean you’re awesome and your blog is excellent.

May 06 2013 at 07:05 PM


Thx Daniel, I have one edit.

While i do enjoy blondies cinnamon well dusted and out of the freezer, i do not devour them. I savour them slowly and sensuously over the course of about twenty pages of a good book.

May 08 2013 at 08:05 PM


disregard my previous comment i see appropriate changes have been made by our awesome editorial committee

May 08 2013 at 08:05 PM

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