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“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.”  -Thomas Jefferson

This month I have a game to share with you. Not just any old game, but a super powerful one that will help you accomplish your goals.

Do you want to earn more money?

Meet the partner of your dreams?

Lose that extra belly fat just in time for summer?

Do you want more love & connection with your family?

How about less sickness and more health & vitality?

Whatever your goals are, you probably already know the things that you should be doing to help you achieve them. The problem is that most people don't consistently follow through on what they know they should do. I'm going to share with you a powerful game that will guarantee results when you implement it and follow it.

We humans are motivated by pain and pleasure. We naturally move towards pleasure and away from pain. Studies have shown that people are twice as motivated by pain than pleasure. Our government is very aware of this and taxes are a perfect example. The government doesn't say “Hey, pay your taxes because it's going to do all these wonderful pleasurable things for you.” No, they say, “You better pay your taxes or else! You're going to get fined a lot more money and possibly lose your freedom and go to jail.” I personally hate paying taxes, but the massive amount of pain I have associated with not paying taxes motivates me to pay them every year without fail and motivates you too.

The game I'm going to share with you is something I call the accountability game. I personally utilize it every day to help me stay on track to accomplish my goals. I recently shared a simplified version of this with my team at our last all employee meeting. They've been using it to stop drinking alcohol, do more yoga, alkalize, and spend more time with friends & loved ones.

Part 1 of the game is asking a very powerful question which is:

What do you know you should do, that if you did it every day for the next 12 months, no matter what, it would increase your ____________? (Ex: Health, wealth, rock hard abs, love & connection, etc...)

You know the areas in your life where you are unhappy. Choose one to three things that are the most important to you. Then choose something you can realistically do every day that would help you achieve what you truly want.

The two things I want to increase most in my life right now are my health & wealth. To help me achieve more health & wealth I contact a new chocolate wholesale account every day, I check in with one of our existing wholesale accounts everyday, I do 15 minutes of yoga everyday, and 30 minutes of learning about business or personal development everyday, no matter what.

Take a moment now to think about and choose 1-3 things that you want in your life and measurable actions you could do everyday to achieve those things. 

Part 2 of the accountability game is choosing your pain and your pleasure. This is the secret sauce and is what will help you stay on track, no matter what.

For the pain motivator, choose something really awful that you'll do if you don't accomplish your goal(s) everyday. This isn't something that you want to make fun or that you would feel good about in any way. The point is that it is awful and that is why it works so effectively to motivate you to accomplish your action items.

For example my pain motivator if I fail to do all of my daily action items is that I have to eat an entire McDonald's hamburger. For some people this might be pleasurable. For me it's unimaginably horrifying. Someone I know chose three months without sex, another chose eating natto- Which is an awful tasting Japanese condiment with the consistency of mucus. 

Choose a pain motivator now. 

“We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment.”  -Jim Rohn

Here comes the fun part, choosing a pleasure motivator! For example if I accomplish all off my action items for the entire month then I treat myself to a massage. Others have chosen a shopping spree, a delicious treat (like a big box of Coracao chocolate) or a day in nature.

Choose a pleasure motivator now, something that is juicy and delicious for you.

“Face your life, its pain, its pleasure, leave no path untaken.”  - Neil Gaiman

Part 3 of the game is finding an accountability partner. Someone who is crazy enough to play this game with you or at least willing to hold you accountable. You will email this person everyday to confirm that you accomplished your accountability goals. Choose a different pain motivator that kicks in if you don't email your accountability partner. If I miss an e-mail to my accountability partners then I have to send $20 cash to Monsanto. I'll be honest with you I missed one email in the last 7 months. Not awesome. It was the first and last time I let that happen...

Contact some people and find an accountability partner now. It's actually a great way to connect with friends and family- By letting them know the cool things that you're doing to improve your life everyday. When you play full out and are consistently stepping out of your comfort zone, moving closer to your goals, and momentously growing it becomes incredibly fun & rewarding on so many levels.

After playing for a while you'll begin to notice that the things that once scared and challenged you become much easier, habitual and even normal. I have felt scared about this commitment and the pain motivators many times- Though the point of this game is to walk your edge, lean into the fear, to be your best self and of course to enjoy some well deserved juicy pleasure along the way.

“If you and I want to change our behavior, there is only one effective way to do it: we must link unbearable and immediate sensations of pain to our old behavior, and incredible and immediate sensations of pleasure to a new one.” –Anthony Robbins

Should you choose to play the accountability game, I’d love to hear about your experience.

Until next time…

With painful & pleasurable love,


Written by Daniel Korson — May 03, 2013



thanks daniel, this is brilliant!

i’ve taken on this challenge and most definitely have seen radical change!

i’ve also recommended this game to folks i know, witnessing growth in all who’ve been brave enough to live a life they love!

May 06 2013 at 04:05 PM

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