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In non-chocolate related news, I've been doing a mini-cleanse for the last two weeks with my Alkalizing Green Soup and it’s been amazing!  Over the last 3 years I've periodically done this particular cleanse, generally for 30 days but sometimes less.  I'm committed to doing 30 days this time, and it’s so good that I just might go even longer!  


Basically I make a big blender-full of the Green Soup first thing in the morning.  I'll drink half of it right away, then have the other half maybe an hour or two later.  I have a light lunch and a light dinner, with lots of water throughout the day and usually a coconut water (or two) at night.  I feel this is a very do-able kind of cleanse, and one that yields pretty great results.  Some of the results I've been experiencing are: more energy, clearer thinking, less stress, and generally feeling more balanced.  Also there’s been more than the usual number of bowel movements, and I can clearly feel how my intestinal tract is getting flushed!  


Which brings me to my point I want to make about fiber.  Juice is great, but there’s no fiber.  Blending vegetables and/or fruits whole, or mostly whole, is not only easier- it’s better for us.  Fiber is what slows down the digestion of something and really lets the stomach chew on it, making it even easier for the intestines to extract the maximum amount of nutrients.  All that fiber also acts like a broom, sweeping up the "dirt and debris" of the intestinal tract and being the vehicle to remove it from the body.  


All these ingredients together are not just delicious, they also quickly and efficiently alkalize the body. Most of us are more in the acidic range as the norm, and an alkalizing regimen every now and then is always great.  Of course we should do our best to stay in balance on an ongoing basis, but for me personally I highly benefit from an intentional, committed alkalizing regimen.  Stress is the number one cause of acidity in the body, then food.  I'll admit that I've been under tremendous stress for years with running a business, and the acidic effects caused by that on my body have not been good.  Doing my Green Soup cleanses produces noticeable results for me, and fast.  It’s also not a full-on cleanse, so my body can gradually and gently purge itself of toxins and acidic conditions.  I love it!  Many people over the years have asked me for my recipe, and I gladly share it with anyone.  So here it is!  


PS: to give credit where credit is due, this recipe is directly inspired from Lydia's Lovin' Foods.  Lydia is an incredibly talented pioneer in the Raw Foods Movement.  Check out their website:


Matthew's Magical Alkalizing Green Soup



3 Cups Water

4 Kale Leaves

3 Celery Stalks

1 inch Ginger Chunk

1/2 Cucumber

1/2 Parsley Bunch

1 Avocado

2 Lemons

1 teaspoon Salt

2 teaspoons Dulse Flakes



-Juice the lemons and add to blender along with the water.

-Peel the ginger and add to blender.

-Roughly chop up the kale, celery, cucumber, and parsley.  Add to blender along with the salt.

-Blend on high until nice and smooth.

-Scoop out the avocado into blender and add Dulse.  Blend again briefly until smooth, and enjoy!



This recipe is recommended for use in a Vita-Mix Blender.  Normal blenders may have trouble with this quantity, so if that’s what you have you should blend half the recipe at a time.  


I love to do little variations on the recipe as well, using a Dandelion/Kale combo, and/or adding multiple herbs like Cilantro and Basil along with the Parsley.  It should be A LOT of herbs, so if it’s a small parsley bunch the whole thing should be used.  I highly prefer the flat-leaf Italian Parsley for this recipe.  


Play around with it and see what fits your own taste!  Due to ingredient size variation, the soup will always come out a little different.  You may find it to be too thick, in that case just add some more water.  Soup will stay great in the fridge for at least 8 hrs, but drinking it while it’s as fresh as possible is best.


Seriously, try doing this for two weeks or longer and feel the difference!!



Infinite Love,


Written by Matthew Rogers — May 02, 2013



I commend you for your commitment to health, your incredible products and your genuine character…your company is awesome. I attended The Raw Food Expo recently in Sedona. I have been making green smoothies for about two years and my ingredients are similar to yours. Everyone comments on my skin, my energy, etc. I plan to order some chocolates from you soon, I prefer the dark chocolate so I am not sure about the monthly shipment specials you are currently advertising.

May 05 2013 at 10:05 PM


Ditch the weaties

Bfast of Champions, he really does this everyday, then jams out about 40 pounds of chocolate

May 10 2013 at 10:05 PM

Maria Brophy:

Thanks for this recipe. I love Lydia’s (been drinking this soup at Bhakti Fest in CA), and I’m excited to try making it at home!

September 08 2014 at 05:09 PM

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