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This month we introduce to you one of our Kitchen Managers: Tiziana Alipo Tamborra.   

Born and raised in Italy, Tiziana left her home country to find more opportunities to explore different alternative healing modalities.  Her long term vision is to contribute to the healing of the world.  In addition to her amazing work at Coracao, Tiziana has a Somatic Experiencing Practice where she integrates her knowledge of nutrition based on macrobiotic and raw foods principles and philosophies.               

She has been with Coracao Confections for 3 years now, almost since its conception.  About two years ago, the team was working on coming up with a new item.  Tiziana knew they had to create something with hazelnut and chocolate.  This is the most popular candy flavor in Italy.  So they created the Hazelnut Mousse Truffle, which is hands down, her favorite item.

What Tiziana loves about working for Coracao is how amazing it is to witness and be a part of the changes and growth of the company;   “It’s very much like giving birth.”   She especially loves that its Matthew and Daniel’s dream that she gets to support.  They are family to her and she adores them!

She also loves gardening, cooking, swimming, and having good friends.

What we love about Tiziana is the rootedness, reliability and stability she brings into the kitchen. The efficient systems she helps us create. Her great sense of humor and her contagious laugh. And we so appreciate her passion & dedication to Coracao and what a loving, warm, amazing contribution she is to our team. She is also one of the best acknowledgers on the planet.  Seriously, what's not to love?  I mean, don’t you love her already too?

Written by Coracao Confections — November 15, 2012

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