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Do you love the spicy thrill of a hot chili? Aside from being a enlivening and enjoyable experience for many, studies are showing that chilis pack some powerful benefits.

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1. Capsaicin & Weight Loss 

Studies have shown capsaicin may help fight obesity by decreasing calorie intake, shrinking fat tissue, and lowering blood fat levels, as well as fight fat buildup by triggering beneficial protein changes in your body. 

Part of the benefit may be due to capsaicin’s heat potential, as it is a thermogenic substance. Meaning it increases heat through metabolic stimulation, which could positively impact your metabolism and fat-burning potential.

Research suggests that consuming thermogenic ingredients like chilis, may boost your metabolism by up to 5 percent, and increase fat burning by up to 16 percent. It may even help counteract the decrease in metabolic rate that often occurs during weight loss.

2. Capsaicin May Help Kill Cancer Cells

Capsaicin has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and has shown some promise for cancer treatment. Research has shown, for instance, that capsaicin suppresses the growth of human prostate cancer cells while leaving normal cells unharmed.

In one study, about 80 percent of the prostate cancer cells in mice were killed by capsaicin, while treated tumors shrank to about one-fifth the size of untreated tumors.

Capsaicin has also been shown to be effective against breast, pancreatic, and bladder cancer cells, although you might need to eat very large amounts of capsaicin to get such benefits (such as eight habanero peppers a week).

3. Chilis are high in vitamins & minerals, especially Vitamin C

Fresh chili peppers are a rich source of vitamin-C. 100 g fresh chilies provide about 240% of your RDA of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a potent water-soluble antioxidant and is required for the collagen synthesis. Collagen is required for maintaining the integrity of blood vessels, skin, organs, and bones. Regular consumption of foods rich in vitamin C helps protect from scurvy, develop resistance against infectious agents (boosts immunity), and scavenge harmful, pro-inflammatory free radicals from the body.

Chili peppers have amazingly high levels of vitamins and minerals.

Just 100 g provides (in % of recommended daily allowance):

240% of vitamin-C (Ascorbic acid),
39% of vitamin B-6 (Pyridoxine),
32% of vitamin A,
13% of iron,
14% of copper,
7% of potassium,  

Do you love eating chilis? if so how or why do you enjoy them?

Leave a comment below and let us know. 

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Written by Coracao Confections — January 09, 2015



They make me feel alive, and the numbing burn actually feels incredibly good to my body.

January 09 2015 at 03:01 PM


I love them in my kim chi but can’t wait to try it in the chocolate!! Ghost pepper wow!

January 09 2015 at 05:01 PM


once i cut my hand, pretty deep and i sprinkled powdered cayenne pepper on my wound. you may be thinking whoa, but it stopped the bleeding, cleaned my wound and relieved the pain! i am a fierce believer in the magic of chili peppers, not only to eat them but to use them in my kitchen first aid kit ;)

thanks for this article!

January 11 2015 at 02:01 PM


Sounds Hot! Looking forward to trying it. Keep um coming.

January 12 2015 at 04:01 PM


I LOVE chili’s and didn’t realize they had so many benefits. Thanks for sharing.

January 13 2015 at 04:01 PM


Cayenne has been shown to be great for the cardiovascular system, your heart and helps prevent ulcers.

January 14 2015 at 10:01 AM

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