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"I keep forgetting to tell you how absolutely incredible your chocolate is.
It is undeniably the best chocolate I have ever tasted. Thank you for
turning me on to it. I have been laid up this week and a piece of chocolate
(which I allow to melt in my mouth) is the highlight of my day!!!!!"
In chocolate bliss,
-Diane M.
Real Estate Agent



"OMGOOdness. i am in love. :) ♥ "
-Dara Dubinet



"I'm a psychotherapist & business coach who eats Coracao chocolate three times a day.
It helps me maintain my ideal weight, while in midlife transition. I find it is advantageous
as a natural anti-depressant, and stress reducer as well. I also find it  helps me to not feel
deprived at the holidays when everyone else is eating high sugar chocolaty confections."
-Toni Galardi, Ph.D.
Change Management Expert and author of 
The LifeQuake Phenomenon: How to Thrive in Times of Personal and Global Upheaval



"This is by far the best raw chocolate I've ever had" 
-Gabrielle Bernstein
New York Times bestselling author of May Cause Miracles.
Speaker. Founder of



“I loved your rendition of Almond Joys.”
-Michael Pollan, Berkeley, CA
Author of The Omnivore's Dilemma,
In Defense of Food, and The Botany of Desire.



"From the moment I sampled raw cacao straight out of the pod in the jungles of Costa Rica, there have been few chocolate experiences as memorable as my first time. Being in the wellness field for almost 10 years, I've tried dozens of raw, superfood and vegan cacao products. When I first sunk my teeth into Coracao Confections, I had a nearly transcendent experience. The flavors explode like 4th of July fireworks on your tastebuds with Jimi Hendrix ripping leads that make your heart skip a beat. What I'm saying is: you've never eaten chocolate as sumptuous, scintillating and sublime as this. Treat yourself with a hot trip to heaven and get these divine delicacies in your mouth. Pronto!" 
- Jason Wrobel
Celebrity Vegan & Raw Food Chef, TV Host of "How to Live to 100"



"If healthy bites of divinity exist in chocolate cups,
then Coracao is surely a taste of Heaven on Earth."
-Julia Butterfly Hill
"What I love about your chocolates is the perfection and love that goes into them.
Each one is a work of art- They have a personality, flavor and texture that says LOVE
all the way through each delicious bite."
-Terces Engelhart, San Francisco, CA



"FANTASTIC!!!  I have been a chocolate person my whole life
and have never had such YUMMY, delectable, sensual chocolate.”
-Fredi, Marin County, CA



“My body responds to the high levels of nutrients found in these
delicious chocolates; revitalizing my mind and body for hours.”
-Suzanne R., CA



“I can say that these are probably the best chocolates you will ever eat!!”
-Lynne S., Fairfax, CA



“Decadent? Delicious? Over-the-top? Other worldly? Yes.”
-Ari Derfel, Gather Restaurant, Berkeley, CA



"I just bought some truffles at the Berkeley farmers market today. While they were all amazing,
I just wanted to let you know that the raw fudge truffle blows my mind every single time.
(The first time I tried one, I went back to the farmers market three times in the same day to buy more)."
-Roya, CA
"I loved the Salt Hazelnut Toffee Bark…it is out of control!!!"
Michael Bush
Entrepreneur, consultant, business advisor and founder of


We make healthy versions of your favorite junk food chocolates a long with new life experience flavors. Everything is made with unroasted cacao and the most pure & organic ingredients possible. It's also dairy free, gluten free, soy free, low glycemic and most importantly, soul satisfyingly DELICIOUS!

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